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Sharpprints.com was launched in 2013 when our local photo finishing markets started to dry up.  With all the machine capacity we had we decided to offer super low prices to a national market in order to keep our efficiencies up for our retail lab.  We simply offered our extra capacity at a deep discount.  As time went on we quickly became very popular nation wide and we are now able to continue to offer these killer prices because the system is so efficient.  The prices we offer are rock bottom.  Now because of our volume we are able to use efficient software, high quality chemicals and paper at the lowest prices on the planet!

We use the latest (and greatest) lab equipment made. Only the finest photo processing labs in the world use comparable equipment.  Our Noritsu prints with a laser print engine on 12 inch paper up to 36 inches long.  This permits us to print super sharp panoramic prints in sizes from 4 inches tall by up to 36 inches wide.  Our Fuji Frontier was recently purchased in 2016 and uses the latest software as well as a laser print engine printing on 12 inches wide.  Our Chromira printer can print up to 30 inches wide by 8 feet long!  This printer is one of the newest in the United States and enables us to print genuine photographic, silver halide prints which very few labs in the country can produce.  Anything 16x20 and larger is printed on this Chromira machine.

Our Establishment

Yes, we are established in Northern Wisconsin.  Fly-over country.  And yes, we are lucky enough to live in God’s country where our employees are particular, hard working, and efficient.  Thus we can produce, by hand, photographic prints you’ll be proud to share.


3308 Mall Drive

Eau Claire,  WI  54701



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